Napocor awards 195,000 T coal to Indonesian firms

Kalimantan Coal

MANILA – Philippine electricity producer National Power Corp (Napocor) has awarded 195,000 tons in coal supply contracts to two Indonesian firms, a senior official said on Monday.One lot of 65,000 tons was awarded to PT Delta Mineral International at $79 per tonne, including cost and freight, said Edmund Anguluan, head of the bidding committee. PT Trubaindo will supply two lots of 65,000 tons each, with one priced at $80.93 per ton, C&F, and the other at $81.03 a ton, C&F.Napocor was hoping to source a total of 390,000 tons of coal for its Pagbilao power plant at the July 1 tender but only managed to award contracts for half of that volume. It had set a budget of $81.08 per ton, C&F, for the coal scheduled for delivery between October and December.Anguluan said the state-run power firm is planning a re-tender by the end of the month to secure the remaining 195,000 tons.Another tender for 195,000 tons steam coal for its Sual plant was declared a failure after a lone bidder withdrew after failing to comply with Napocor’s requirements, said Anguluan.Napocor earlier gave the lone bidder, also PT Delta Mineral, more time to sort out its bid.The company is holding a re-tender on Wednesday to secure the coal for Sual, he said.Napocor has said it needs to import nearly 3.5 million tons of coal this year, lower than the 4.18 million tons it imported last year, after privatising a number of coal-fed power stations.Prices of power station-coal in Australia, a benchmark for Asia, rose above $73 a ton earlier this month, aided by demand from some North Asian utilities and tight regional supplies.
as of 07/13/2009 3:57 PM

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