(List) Repeal of concession permit by government sub-province/Kabupeten, north paser, east kalimantan

Kalimantan Coal

1 KP. PT. Tranindo Resources Jakarta
2 KP. PT. Penajam Prima Coal Bandung
3 KP. PT. Kaltim Jaya Mineral Balikpapan
4 KP. PT. Tengin Sejahtera Samarinda
5 KP. PT. Pasir Prima Coal Ind Balikpapan
6 KP. PT. Mesra Bara Khatulistiwa Balikpapan
7 KP. PT. Dua-dua Kutai Utama Balikpapan
8 KP. PT. Energi Penajam Mandiri Bandung
9 KP. KSU Cipta Karya Tani Sepaku
10 KP. CV.Trowells Penajam
11 KP. PT. Bina Bara Samarinda
12 KP. PT. Harapa Kota Tepian Samarinda
13 KP. PT. Bara Utama Jaya Samarinda
14 KP. PT. Penajam Bara Energi Prima Jakarta

There is 15 next conssesion that will be abstracted its permit that still in investigation
News from Koran Kaltim Post Feb, 23 2009


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