Indonesia expects to export 200 mln tons of coal in 2009

Kalimantan Coal

JAKARTA, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) — Indonesia’s coal exports this year was forecast at more than 200 million tons, the country’s coal association said here Monday. “This year our overseas sales target reaches around 210 to 220 million tons,” chairman of the association Bob Kamandanu told reporters at the Ritz Carlton here.
He said another 60 million tons of coal was predicted to be sold in domestic market.
The chairman predicted that the price of the commodity would rise this year by 10 percent to 60 U.S. dollars per ton, from the previous price in last year.
In 2008, Indonesia’s coal export reached 200 million tons and another 50 million tons of coal was sold domestically, according to the association.
The largest Southeast Asian economy had enjoyed rising demand and prices of the commodity at the beginning of last year which prompted economy to grow by 6.4 percent at the second quarter.
But then the demand and prices weakened following the global financial turmoil.

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