Bill Farmer: Indonesian Mining Is Still Interesting

Kalimantan Coal

Australian government is organizing the 3rd Australian Mining Exhibition and Conference, also known as OZMINE 2009. The second largest Australian international mining promo event would be held in Jakarta, on 24-25 February 2009.“In the time of global economic crisis, we consider that Indonesian mining is still interesting and challenging for Australian companies to do business in Indonesia,” Bill Farmer, Australian Ambassador for Republic of Indonesia, said on a press conference a day before the event.For Indonesian mining stakeholders, the event would be an opportunity to review the latest trend in mining technology, equipment and services. It would also be a good opportunity to discuss the implication of Indonesia’s new Mining Law (Law No.4/2009) and the impact of global financial crisis.Two of Indonesia’s minister would be invited as speakers for the conference, i.e. Purnomo Yusgiantoro (Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources) and Sri Mulyani (Finance Minister). The general theme of the conference would be “Indonesia Mining for Tomorrow: Is the Mining Boom Over?”Bill Farmer also affirmed that the participation of Australian companies at OZMINE would aim for a long term business relations, which would benefit all.The OZMINE event would be attended by more than 80 Australian companies. According to Mr. Farmer, the number indicates how important the Indonesian mining sector was for Australian mining, even during this time of crisis.Mr. Farmer further described that Australian and Indonesian mining relations has not only been restricted on products and services sales. “Australian companies have long term commitment. They are trying to increase their investment in the market and give actual benefits to the sector, especially for key areas such as sustainable mining in the aspect of natural environment,” he elaborated. OZMINE 2009 is sponsored by several Australian major companies, such as Thiess Contractors, Rio Tinto Indonesia, Orica Mining Services and Leighton Contractors Indonesia. The Grand Ballroom Hotel Mulia, Jakarta, was chosen as the venue for this annual event this year.

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